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1 iPower Solution 300% Bigger Than Amazon


🔑 Your Key Takeaway TODAY (even with stocks crashing): BTW we’re STILL seeing massive growth, innovation, 300% disruption. Sooo… keep reading. Market volatility or not, you’re still going to get up in the morning and turn on the lights… 

This is the most important thing you’ll read todayyyyy:


Ugh. Sorry. Power glitch. 

Don’t you hate that?!

America’s electrical grid system is failing.

The number of significant power outages in the U.S. has increased at an alarming rate over the last twenty years. 


That’s way too many outages considering between the 1950s and 1980s, there were fewer than five major outages on average per year.  

We have more devices connected now and our traditional power grids are severely outdated. 

It would cost a fortune to update the infrastructure. So it’s time to adapt with the help of America 2.0 technology.

We all know how frustrating it can be when the Wi-Fi shuts off and the Netflix wheel just keeps buffering.

But what if I told you there’s now a way to operate your own reliable mini power plant?

Paul does it.

He calls it “iPower.”

The best part? This disruption is bigger than the market opportunity for Uber, Airbnb and Amazon combined. Over 300% bigger.

And listen, market volatility will come and go. 

But we’re still going to wake up and turn on the lights. 

Take Your “iPower” Back From the Grids

Today, you can have your own little power plant in your home that’s connected to the traditional grids.

This is new energy in action. 

You see, these “microgrids” generate power from solar panels and store electricity in a battery for use at other times.

So, when the power goes out, homes can be powered by your own virtual power plant. 

In a traditional grid system, energy must be produced and transmitted when needed. 

And during transmission, 2% to 13% of energy is lost. But when powering the home onsite, loss is virtually eliminated.

Imagine a zero-waste power source that YOU can control. 

Take Tesla’s Powerwall.

Users (like Paul!) control their mini-grid through their smartphone, where they can choose when to use power from the battery versus the traditional grid. 

That means that during peak demand hours, they can choose to use power solely from their personally produced energy, decreasing costs.

While Tesla’s smart grid is amazing, it has one problem.

Right now, the only way to get it is to purchase its solar panels as well…

And not everyone can afford the upfront costs for a solar panel or battery pack.

But, one company makes iPower available to ALL.

iPower potentially allows anyone to sell extra energy. It can even be sold back to utility companies! 

That right there is money in your pocket. That’s great considering the rise in energy prices this year.

But why stop there?

Invest Before the Third Wave

iPower is an important step to accelerating the transition to clean renewable energy sources and decreasing the reliance on and uncertainty of sourcing energy from other countries. 

Plus, it isn’t just homes. The market for industrial and community microgrids is expanding rapidly. 

The market for this money saving, reliable energy source will be HUGE. 

The company behind iPower is currently disrupting the market.

It’s already cut some power bills by over 80% and for some, it’s cut their bills to nearly nothing.

The new energy revolution is here:

The first wave is universal power creation.
The second wave is energy storage.
And the third and final wave … is iPower.

It’s time for you to get in now before the third wave fully unfolds (and that’s happening NOW).

iPower is the future. And gains are still ahead of us, not behind. 

Click here for details — and see how to unlock a tiny $10 (less than!) stock that’s like buying Tesla 10 years ago!

Until next time, 

Toni Segota 

Investment Research Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

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