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1 Sector Signals Crypto BOOM!



Digital platforms that let you search homes from anywhere in the world. 
VR headset home showings allowing you to walk through a home without leaving yours. 
E-signatures and smart contracts making buying easy.



That means a fast and easy alternative to traditional America 1.0 mortgages.

Lenders don’t look at traditional measures of creditworthiness such as credit score. That’s one less hurdle to landing a home! 

Crypto-mortgages use a borrower’s crypto as collateral to qualify for a loan.

What does this mean for you? 

Well it’s the next step in the New American Dream. And it’s super bullish for the crypto market.

I get it. 

Cryptos — even before this recent bout — are volatile, maybe intimidating for new investors.

But they don’t have to be. 

I’ll show you why and your first step into dipping your toes in the crypto waters for possible big gains.

Crypto Mortgages = Bullish Sign for Investors

This is the future. 

The old-world way of buying homes — like many America 1.0 companies — is nearing its end.

America 2.0 = easier, more efficient, innovation, growth. And that’s crypto.

Private companies like Milo are leading the path. To qualify for a crypto-mortgage, borrowers have to put up crypto in total to 100% of the loan.

So, if the loan is for $500,000, they’ll have to use $500,000 as a collateral equivalent in crypto.

You can keep 100% of your crypto, as long as you continue to make your monthly mortgage payments. 

Imagine your asset growing in value over the years while paying for your house! 

This also means that borrowers can avoid expensive fees and capital gains taxes associated with converting crypto to USD!

Now, this is still in the early stages. 

But the bottom line is this is a great bullish sign for the cryptoverse. 

Crypto-mortgages are another example of the expanding real-world applications of crypto.

And as the uses of crypto continue to expand, adoption of crypto will increase.

That’s bullish for the overall crypto market, and especially bullish for leaders of the space like bitcoin and Ethereum.

Your First Move to Enter the Cryptoverse

Bitcoin is scarce — it’s capped at a maximum of 21 million coins. 

That’s 21 million coins to ever exist. 

So, as crypto continues to disrupt sectors like traditional banking and lending, scarcity will cause prices to jump.

And at Bold Profits, we’re incredibly bullish on crypto. 

If you’re new to the world of crypto investing, start by buying bitcoin (BTC). 

You don’t have to have $29,900 to invest. You can start with $1.


When you’re ready to up your game, we’ve got you covered.

Paul and Ian spent years developing a unique crypto trading strategy specifically for our Strong Hands Nation. 

And now, you have the chance to join them in their service. It’s called Crypto Flash Trader.

In it, Ian guides you with his expert insights (he’s been in the crypto game even longer than Paul!), on the state of the crypto market, new crypto trades, and developments in the space.

Personally, he changed my outlook on crypto from lukewarm to full-on bullish.

Today’s market has been volatile. 

I won’t sugar coat it. 

But Ian predicts a turnaround coming soon.

And if you ask me, the best time to begin your crypto journey is now, before mass adoption sends prices skyrocketing! 

If you want an expert like Ian on your side, click here for cryptoverse investing details now

What are you waiting for? 

Until next time, 

Toni Segota 

Investment Research Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

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