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1 Thing We Need From the Fed Now…


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The Federal Reserve’s response to inflation. ( 0:45 )
How growth stocks are outperforming even during a bear market. (17:48)
Ethereum merge surge update & bitcoin’s scarcity driver. ( 22:00)

Your question: The No. 1 reason we’ve changed our tune on semiconductors. (30:53)

What’s the one thing we need from the Fed? 

Make up your minds already! 

These 12 people in a room have their fingers on the pulse of the economy. 

More and more FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) flows out of that room into the markets. Right now, it’s pricing in eight rate hikes — even though a June triple hike is off the table!

With inflation, the Fed will likely want to reverse course soon. 

But there’s one thing we know. 

Innovation solves problems. 

This is going to act like fuel for our growth stocks. I’m still bullish.

Very much so on crypto too. I’ve got an update on the Ethereum merge surge and a scarcity-driver in bitcoin. 

You can jump to hot topics or watch the full story here: 


Ian Dyer

Editor, Crypto Flash Trader

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