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ChatGPT Sparked a New AI Disruption in Education


We make a big deal about AI around here.

But that’s because it’s the biggest trend of the year.

Last week, we even gave you three ways to take advantage of AI:

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AI’s momentum is great news for Big Tech, but as you probably know by now, it’s disrupting every corner of the market…

Every industry.

A September Bloomberg Intelligence study shows that spending on AI software is projected to double annually in the next decade…

In both life sciences and education. (⬅ And not to help students plagiarize their next essay on Benjamin Franklin.)

Check out this chart:

(Click here to view larger image.)

According to Bloomberg: “Early uses of ChatGPT suggest that generative AI could significantly expand the vertical software market.”

This includes the smaller segments, like databases, enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management.

Plus, life sciences and education companies. AI could create “rapid growth” here, because these are industries that will benefit from using large language models in software, driving up productivity.

Not to mention specialized AI-based software assistants (AI bots), that’ll help answer questions, as well as synthesize and summarize information for researchers.

It’s literally a win-win situation for education — helping the people who create educational products, textbooks and services, and the people who use them.

What’s Your Take?

Would you use ChatGPT, or an AI educational product? Maybe learn a new language with the help of an AI teacher?

Let us know at

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