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First and MOST Important Investing Lesson


Editor’s Note: Paul here! I’m traveling but never really away. Always watching the market. But in this market, there’s one important lesson to follow. Read below and tune in all week for a crucial Bold Profits strategy series to help you navigate these rocky waters. Check it out…

It’s the first thing you need to learn.

When you invest for BOLD big money over time.

Strong Hands.

That means holding your stocks through volatility.

Why do we practice this?

It’s not easy… But it will be worth it.

Our stocks — America 2.0, growth, innovation — are changing the world. It won’t happen overnight. But it will happen. And the results will be BIG.

We’ve seen it before…

On June 1, 2016, Paul recommended STMicroelectronics NV in Profits Unlimited.

Over the next five years, STMicroelectronics experienced FOUR major bouts of declines and volatility — one as big as 54%:

But fast forward to January 2022? The Strong Hands won.

Those who were not shaken out and held strong on this recommendation had the opportunity to lock in more than a 700% gain!

Big money is made over time.

Remember, we recommend holding our stocks for a minimum of one to three years.

This allows time for the market to be volatile before investors demand returns for our high-growth and innovative stocks.

Why Hold Strong Hands?

Let’s acknowledge the obvious — our stocks have been down lately.

But we are certain the turn is just around the corner. This rough patch is only temporary.

Our long-term time horizon allows us to focus on the high growth of our companies and navigate through these times of intense volatility and daily ups and downs.

Because even through this bear market, our stocks continued to grow their businesses rapidly.

And in the long run when demand for growth stocks resumes, our stocks have the ability to surge past their previous highs!

So, don’t give in to the FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) that’s been circulating everywhere and don’t let it deter you.

If keeping Strong Hands were easy, everyone would be rich.

Remember, our stocks are high-growth, disruptive companies, breaking barriers in many burgeoning America 2.0 mega trends — and we’re only at the ground floor of their true potential.

Stay IN!

And to help you do it, we put together this series. It’s our blueprint for investing.

We call it the Rules of the Game.

We’re going to break it down this week because it’s that important.

So, set your reminder and check your email for Rule No. 1 tomorrow!


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