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How “#1 Market Timer” Investor Sold Before Black Monday Crash


We found something Charles Mizrahi never thought he see again: proof of his “secret life.”

Or when he was known as the #1 market timer.

Here’s a video (the one and only recording) of him being interviewed on TV in 1986.

You have to see it for yourself:

(Watch the #1 Market Timer in action!)

First, we had to compliment Charles on not aging a day. And then we asked him about the power of timing in the market.

Here’s what he shared with us:

Oh, thank you!

At the time, the fund I was managing was delivering some truly spectacular returns. And they wanted to know exactly how I was doing it.

So I told them my secret.

It was a systematic approach to timing the markets.

This approach worked so well that less than a year after this interview, I got my entire fund to cash out just over weeks before the Black Monday crash in 1987.

If you remember, on Black Monday, the entire market crashed by 22.6% in a single day.


Now, my systems back in the ‘80s and ‘90s allowed me to grow my fund by as much as 100% a year, year after year. However, what I have to show you now may be even more powerful…

You see, Charles just revealed a NEW system.

He says it perfectly complements his Alpha Investor buy-and-hold strategy — the one that gave his readers an opportunity to be up:

193% in HCA Healthcare…
233% in Marvell Technology…
And 508% in Arista Networks.

And he wants to share the new system he created with you. Spoiler Alert: 20 years of data shows it has the power to make 3,514%.

Go here for the full details now.

Happy Sunday!

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