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If You’re Not #BOP, Don’t Read This One


Are there any bulls in this bear market?

Yep. We are. You can say it: #BOP!

Bullish. Optimistic. Positive.

It’s not blind optimism. It’s conviction. America 2.0 innovations are solving old-world problems:

High gas prices? Electric vehicles.
Supply chain issues? 3D printing.
Pandemics? Precision medicine.

And so much more…

If you want to see how the Bold Profits team is investing in this market, check out our first Bear Market Roundtable here:

(Watch it now.)

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But enough from us. Here’s what some of you told us you were buying now!

⚕️ Eva votes Teladoc.

🖊️ Alan wants DocuSign.

🚗 Jodi & John are screaming for more Tesla!

And our crypto fans Gregory, David & Tom are going with Ethereum.

Awesome answers!!

Keep up the #BOP attitude and stay Strong Hands!

Bear Market $Buying

We warned you not to open if you weren’t #BOP. So you must be! Here are some ways to capitalize on bear market prices:

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