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Is the Bear Market Nearing an End?


Got the bear market blues? 

There’s no denying it. Our stocks are down.

But the only way to get to the gains on the other side is to stay #BOP (bullish, optimistic and positive).

And we could be closer than you think. Paul created a Bull vs. Bear-O-Meter to show you where we believe we are in this bear market: 

(Click to view larger image.)

A 100% reading of the Bear-O-Meter would signal that the bear market is completely over, while a 20% reading of the Bull-O-Meter means the bull market is just beginning. 

Paul created these indicators to provide some guidance for buying and selling during these markets.

So, the real question is: are you buying? (No really.) Let us know and give us your “bullish rating”:

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Being a Bull in a Bear Market?

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First, remember to use the Rules of the Game

Then, you can take advantage of the incredibly low prices before riding our growth stocks into the next bull cycle! 

Unlike America 1.0 companies that are scaling down, our growth is ahead of us, not behind. 

If you can hold Strong Hands, we believe that you will come out on top. As Amber says, it won’t be easy … it will be worth it.

And if you’re ready to buy check out the full story about an incredible class of “Rebel Stocks” Paul found that are primed to soar as this market bounces back. 

Be Bulls in A World of Bears

Here’s how to start:

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The Stock Market Nearly Entered a Bear Market. What History Says Happens Next.

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