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Our No. 1 SpaceX Moment for 2022


We are a GO for launch.

One stock in the Profits Unlimited model portfolio aligned itself with the most prolific private space company of the 21st century: SpaceX.

This company is making major moves to become an industry leader in the space mobility market.

And the best part?

Its partnership with SpaceX couldn’t be launching at a better time. 

As SpaceX is in the process of raising a fresh round of funding totaling $125 billion.

According to Bloomberg: “The funding round that’s in the works would give SpaceX the mantle of being the highest valued U.S. startup on record, per data from CBInsights.”


Now, we know everyone gets the bear market blues. It can feel like the selling never stops … until it does.

From our perspective, every bear market creates an even bigger buying opportunity than the last. 

And one of the biggest for 2022 is in space.

What better way to play the next-generation space economy than invest in a publicly traded company working with (the hopefully) soon-to-be public SpaceX?!

The company I’m referring to is a Profits Unlimited space play: Momentus Inc. (Nasdaq: MNTS).

Innovation Won’t Stop. Invest in the Space Frontier 

There’s no denying it. Our stocks have been crushed. 

Momentus is down 85% since Paul recommended it at the end of 2020.

Down does not mean out. Because innovation and real growth have NOT slowed.

Simply put, Momentus has developed a tugboat-type shuttle service for satellites in space.

The main vehicle — called Vigoride — is designed to be able to launch on an assortment of rockets. Once in orbit, Vigoride gets to work transporting satellites or other cargo between orbits. 

The company “believes it can make new ways of operating in space possible with its planned in-space transfer and service vehicles that will be powered by an innovative water plasma-based propulsion system that is under development.”

And SpaceX is bullish. 

It’s in multiple launch agreements with Momentus — with four upcoming SpaceX Transporter missions in the books.

As of May 12, 2022, Momentus is a “Go for Launch” for its first Vigoride mission aboard the SpaceX Falcon 9 launch scheduled for this month. 

Momentus CEO John Rood believes:

Our agreements with SpaceX establish a regular launch cadence for Momentus as we bring our initial services to market. We’ll use these flight opportunities to demonstrate the capabilities of our Vigoride orbital transfer vehicle, deliver customers to orbit and continue the development of new technologies to expand our service offerings at lower costs.

MNTS’ current stock price is no match for what its future growth can possibly achieve.

This company is very undervalued and trading at a bargain! 

Be Bullish for Bear Market Prices 

Our next frontier will be space!

The global space industry could generate revenue of more than $1 trillion by 2040. 

That’s huge!

To play innovation in the space frontier in a broad way, I suggest buying the ARK Autonomous Technology & Robotics ETF (BATS: ARKQ).

Companies in this exchange-traded fund (ETF) are focused on — and are expected to substantially benefit from — the development of new products or services, technological improvements and advancements in scientific research related to multiple disciplines, including space exploration.

With the partnership of SpaceX and companies like Momentus, space is the investment to be in for the long run in America 2.0.

If you’re following the Rules of the Game to use this moment to buy into incredible bargains, check out Momentus Inc. (Nasdaq: MNTS).

As a Profits Unlimited subscriber, you can read all about it in our special report: A Fortune Made in Space.

It’s no secret that the key to big gains is getting in early. That time is now.

We put this report together to feature not one … not two … but THREE space stocks you can buy now for a potential piece of the next big investment.

Not every stock will be a winner, but you can see why Paul believes these are three of the hottest space stocks right now.

Just click to watch this special space video here for details on how to unlock the report.

Until next time,

Amber Lancaster

Director of Investment Research, Banyan Hill Publishing

Disclaimer: We will not track any stocks in your Bold Profits Daily. We are just sharing our opinions, not advice. If you want access to the stocks in our model portfolio with tracking, updates and buy/sell guidance, please check out Profits Unlimited.

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