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Single Biggest Winner of the Bear Market


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The No. 1 source of FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) in the market right now. (1:00)
Coinbase’s bankruptcy news is driven by FUD, not its balance sheet. (21:17)
 Bitcoin’s final capitulation? One of the biggest bitcoin selling days in Coinbase history + your huge buying opportunity. (27:03)
ICYMI: Paul’s America 2.0 prediction for the most disruptive stocks in the market today. Click here for details.

The selling continues, but something else is becoming clear…

A divide. 

So called “safety” stocks vs. growth.

Safety stocks — aka America 1.0 — like Target and Home Depot are starting to crumble.

While, for sure, growth stocks took the biggest hit … they STILL showed huge unstoppable growth in earnings! 

I’ll walk you through the balance sheets of these companies. This is why the market is going to turn to companies with lots of cash, low debt and steady sales growth as the new “safety” play. (4:50)

It’s clear to me. The single biggest winner in this bear market is going to be innovative America 2.0 stocks/crypto. 

For you, that means opportunity while prices are still low.

When everyone is out, that’s the best time to get in. That’s opinion, not advice. But jump straight to the crypto hot topics above or see the full story here: 


Ian Dyer

Editor, Crypto Flash Trader

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