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The Future of Energy Is … Still Oil & Gas?


Last week, we had an important question for you…

What is the future of energy: traditional oil and gas, or renewable energy?

Here’s what you had to say:

Most people who answered the poll (56%) believe that oil and gas will continue to reign supreme.

But many also believe that renewable energy will continue to innovate … and present a great investing opportunity.

Here are some of the highlights from your responses:

“We need to rely on oil and gas while renewable energy slowly builds over many years.”
“I think both are a good investment. Oil as a continuation and battery [power] as a new innovation.”
Nuclear power will eventually replace oil and gas to produce the energy of the future. It will be used to create electricity for static structures and clean hydrogen for transportation (not to mention desalination).”

Let’s talk about that last one: nuclear power.

What Is Nuclear Energy?

Nuclear energy is a tricky one because it’s both renewable and nonrenewable.

It’s produced via nuclear fission (atoms being split apart), which is technically renewable.

However, the fuel required to achieve nuclear fission is uranium (U-235).

The good news is, uranium is one of the most abundant energy sources on Earth, and it can be reprocessed over and over again. Nuclear fission also produces carbon-free energy when it generates electricity, unlike fossil fuels.

The main holdups with nuclear energy are safety and radioactive waste. We can’t forget Chernobyl, a Ukrainian nuclear power plant that exploded in 1986.

The 770-mile-wide region is still not safe for human habitation, or even for agriculture (the soil is contaminated). It’s a reminder of why nuclear power still has a long way to go in utilization and mass adoption.

Though technology is continuing to evolve, and will hopefully make it safer to produce clean, nuclear energy.

Investing in Oil & Gas

In the meantime, we’re still reliant on oil and gas.

It also remains a great investment opportunity!

Here are two ways to get started:

Small, but mighty: Adam O’Dell has zeroed in on three oil stocks that are primed to hit 100% gains in 100 days. His new report also highlights a small $20 oil stock. He believes it could surge to the top of a $10 trillion industry.
Buffett’s first choice: Charles Mizrahi is taking cues from Warren Buffett. Watch this video to see how you can invest in Charles’s #1 oil stock pick for 2024!

Happy Monday!

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