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These fortress stocks hold up the most during bear markets and pay a nice dividend


With the S & P 500 close to crossing into a bear market as stocks continue their 2022 slide, investors looking for stable names in rocky times have a few opportunities. The broad market index on Thursday fought to stay green. It was down about 18% for the year and sitting 19% from last year’s high. Stocks have been through several bear markets in the past 20 years, and a handful of companies have fared pretty well despite the carnage, CNBC Pro found. We screened for stocks in the S & P 1500 composite index, using FactSet, that showed the best median returns over each of the last three bear markets – 2007-2008, 2009 and 2020 – and 2022 to date. We also screened out stocks that lost more than 20% of their value during any of those periods. Finally, we looked for stocks that pay at least a 2% dividend. Here are the six we found: Source: FactSet Campbell Soup showed the lowest amount of losses over time, with a median of -4.7%. It’s tied with General Mills , which showed the same median loss. Both stocks are the only two on the list that are still in the green for the year, as of Thursday. Campbell is up 8%. At the other end of the list, Clorox and Colgate-Palmolive show greater losses, though they were still narrower than 20%. Clorox has a negative median loss of 9.9%. Colgate-Palmolive, whose losses have steepened in each subsequent bear cycle, has a median loss of 15.5%. All but one, Gilead Sciences , are of in the consumer non-cyclical sector. Gilead has the highest dividend yield on the list at 4.5%. Dividend yield shows how much a company pays out each year as a percentage of its share price. Flowers Foods also made the list, falling right in the middle with a median loss of 8.7% and a 3.3% dividend yield. It’s down almost 7% this year.

I’m 33 and earn $120K. I have $300K in company stock and $56K in debt. I’m partially supporting my partner, sadly due to his failing business. What should be my next move?

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