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Top Investing Tools to Beat Human Error


What is “investor psychology?”

Sometimes we have internal biases that can stop us from making smart decisions — especially when we invest our money in the stock market.

Like Mike Carr said last week, behavioral finance is the study of how people often make investing decisions based on emotion, rather than logic.

He also explained three of the most common internal biases that could be killing your profits.

So on today’s episode of The Banyan Edge Podcast, I’m joined by Adam O’Dell to talk about a cure to human error.

How can investing tools like trading models and AI software help us cut through our mental stopgaps and trade more efficiently? (And make more money doing it.)

Find out more on today’s episode…

(Or read a transcript.)

🔥Hot Topics in Today’s Podcast:

Adam explains “investor biases,” and our tendency to focus on the wrong thing in the market. [1:00]
How behavioral finance dispels the theory behind the efficient market hypothesis. [3:15]
What is herding bias? And how the need for validation from our peers can hurt us in the market. (Trust me, it’s worse among finance professionals.) [7:00]
Why Adam considers himself a “systematic” investor. [12:30]
Adam explains how his Stock Power Ratings system helps him beat the market. (And how it can help you too!) [13:30]
How shorting smaller-cap companies can actually beat large caps in the market. [18:45]
How anchoring bias can make you check your pride. [22:30]
Want to beat the market with AI software at your side? Check out Ian and Keith’s “Predictive AI Investment” You’ll learn more about how An-E can help you pick your next winning trade.

And if you have any other comments or questions about using AI in your trading strategy, please let us know at!


Charles Sizemore
Chief Editor, The Banyan Edge

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