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“Total Hogwash” in the Market and How to Beat It


Every market downturn feels like the big one…

The one that seems like the next Great Depression is around the corner.

But this isn’t the first rodeo for Alpha Investor founder Charles Mizrahi.

He’s managed money during the October 1987 crash and been an active investor through every bear market since then.

And while the current market movement is making many investors fearful, he wants to make sure you can sleep easy at night.

So, this week, Charles shared the simple way to make money in any market environment.

If you missed the profit opportunities he’s seeing ahead, be sure to catch up below…

The Simple Way to Compound Your Wealth in Any Market
Investors think the daily wiggles and jiggles of the stock market are something important that they should focus on. But as Charles says: “That’s total hogwash.” Here’s why

How to Profit When Mr. Market Overshoots
There’s a difference between a business and its stock price. So, how do you make money when prices disconnect from the fundamentals? Charles shares the answer.

ICYMI: How a Tech Giant Lost Its Soul

Warren Buffett called him “one of the best managers in the world.”

As Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook brought the company’s valuation to $2 trillion at one point.

He’s a master of maximizing margins and expanding globally.

But like other tech companies, Apple’s stock has plummeted during the recent sell-offs.

It’s a classic case of price disconnecting from the business.

Or is it?

The Wall Street Journal’s Tripp Mickle has covered the company for years.

And he believes Apple is no longer a major innovator.

So, Charles sat down with him to hear his take.

You can listen to their interview by clicking here … or watch it on YouTube by clicking the image below.


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Senior Managing Editor, Real Talk

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