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Why You Need a “Money Mind” in 2024


You know … New Year’s resolutions are a lot like investing — so many ambitious plans, yet so few follow through!

Come February, gyms empty out and the treadmills are free again.

By March, diets derail and that cheesecake is looking too good to resist.

And everything people say they were going to do for the new year eventually falls apart.

But one man whose discipline never fails?

Warren Buffett.

While investors chase shortcuts, Buffett focuses on the long game — buying companies at bargain prices.

Buffett said the most important thing for any investor is to have the proper temperament — to know how to deal when stocks are falling and not panic.

And when everyone’s euphoric, do the exact opposite and look to sell.

For the full story, I sat down with the man who wrote the book (literally) on Warren Buffett — Robert Hagstrom.

He shared with me his insights on how developing a “Money Mind” can give you a competitive advantage — not only in investing but in all aspects of life. Listen to this…

(Click here to read the transcript.)


Charles Mizrahi
Founder, Alpha Investor

P.S. Like Buffett, Alpha Investors aren’t trying to win a popularity contest. As long as the facts and analysis are correct, we don’t care who agrees with us.

And my research is showing me a new opportunity is presenting itself because of the actions of the Federal Reserve.

So I developed a new strategy that after rigorous backtesting — across 20 years of stock market data — showed it could’ve taken $10,000…

And turned it into more than $360,000 over that time.

I want you to understand though — this isn’t right for everyone.

But … if you think it might be right for you…

Go here now for the details.


Charles Mizrahi
Founder, Alpha Investor

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