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Your TOP Summer Buy: New Energy Battery Stocks


High electric bill? 

I know mine is up as we crank up the air conditioner to prepare for the summer heat. 

But here’s the good news.

Innovation solves problems. And for high summer electric bills, the America 2.0 solution is batteries:

The latest U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) Energy Outlook report gives us one good reason why now’s the time to buy battery stocks.

The agency forecasts the U.S. residential electricity price will average 14.4 cents/kWh (kilowatt-hour) between June and August 2022, up 3.9% from summer 2021.

On average for the summer of 2022, U.S. households can expect to spend nearly 1% more for electricity compared to summer 2021.

Just take a look at how our electricity usage goes up in the summer and has increased year after year since 2017:

Now is the time for YOU to buy into the solution.

Buy in Before the Market Jumps to Over $1 Trillion…

Innovative battery technology is vital in a new energy future.

New energy is growing FASTER and FASTER worldwide. 

It includes:

And, of course … batteries.

In 2022, the EIA expects renewable energy to be the only electricity generation source that will significantly increase compared with last summer, driven by large build-outs of new solar capacity.

And looking out further, the global renewable energy market valued at $860 billion in 2021 is forecast to reach $1.68 trillion by 2029, according to a Polaris Market study.

This tells us renewable energy has the potential to lead to promising investment opportunities … even in this bear market.

With prices as low as they’ve ever been, this is the ideal time to get in! 

Paul has been adding battery stocks to our model portfolios with the new energy future in mind. 

From solar to electric vehicles (EVs), the new energy revolution will rival — and surpass — all of the industrial revolutions of the past combined.

These are all signs that renewable energy — a key pillar of America 2.0 — is already transforming the global energy grid and moving us to a more sustainable, clean-power infrastructure.

It may be the best example of how the mega tech trends of the future are changing life for the better.

And gives savvy America 2.0 investors, like you, the potential to reap the benefits. 

A New Next Level Battery Buy

We are full speed ahead in battery technology. 

But we’re not just stopping with battery stocks…

Right now, there’s one player creating a network of battery owners — just like Paul, who can now generate, store and trade its power…

Without the power companies or fossil fuels.

We can create our own grid.

We hold the power.

This company is not a battery-maker. It simply buys and operates the batteries.

Just like a power plant does with fossil fuels.

And it’s been quietly building a battery powerhouse like never seen before.

Right now, its storage fleet can hold an entire gigawatt.

Enough to power 700,000 American homes…

That’s equivalent to HALF of North America’s battery storage capacity — all under its empire.

Paul calls it “iPower.”

And it will carry us into a new era of energy.

See the full story and details about how you can unlock Paul’s iPower stock here.

Until next time,

Amber Lancaster

Director of Investment Research, Banyan Hill Publishing

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